Esquire Network

Transforming an Iconic Brand


Esquire was graduating to a larger stage. When the iconic men's print magazine came to television Andco was hired for their off air marketing. Our challenge was to refresh their look and feel while leveraging the immense brand equity of the Esquire brand. The change would affect every touch point of their communication and signal their transition to a new medium and the 21st Century.


We started by defining a fresh direction for their photography. A massive photoshoot was organized and shot to define their new look and feel. To complement this bold new look we developed a visual language to inform their on-air graphics. These executions were part of a integrated campaign which came to define many aspects of their visual identity.



Creative Director:
Etienne Jardell

Tom Shlange

Art Director:
Luc Doucedame

Copy Writing:
David Saltzman

Copy Writing:
Alex Enriquez


    Brand Strategy
  • Photoshoot Direction
  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity Design

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