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As a designer, I'm always looking at the world around me and how to make it more efficient. Exit was born out of this approach while camping. Living outdoors, you're in constant need of various tools that share many redundancies in their form and function. While there are many multitools in this space, there aren't any full size, solid constructed multi-tools with this level of functionality. The brief wrote itself; how do you design the most functionality into one piece of metal?


The Exit spade is a concept product designed to be the one tool you'll need outdoors. It is a symbol of resourcefulness, of man communing with nature. It aims to provide the minimum effectiveness in each one of its endeavors, with minimal sacrifice to the rest of the functionality. The Exit brand was formed around this ethos. While this remains a passion project at the moment, I am open to investment opportunities.


Design Direction:
Luc Doucedame

Brand Development:
Luc Doucedame

Coed Design

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    Product Design
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity Design

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